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Shirley Holladay



Shirley Holladay loved the thirty years she spent helping her students write and publish books. She organized her curriculum around book writing. Each student completed the year with a portfolio full of books they had written and illustrated. When she needed a book to teach a lesson and couldn't find it in the library, she wrote one. She taught workshops, made presentations, and won awards including Teacher of the Year and Tennessee Reading Association's Walter Helm Award. As a part of the Tennessee Reading Association's Board of Directors, she serves as chairman of Support Storytelling.

She happily progressed from teacher to Grandma. Helping her grandchildren and children she tutors develop books was even more rewarding. Still she dreamed of publishing her own books. Meeting the characters so uniquely Grandma's will now be possible for everyone to enjoy. Some are fascinating, some little stinkers, and some like Gail the Snail are ready to change the world. Readers are sure to relate them to the special child in their lives.

About the illustrator:

Angela Holladay Jackson is the daughter of the author, so this project is the latest of many they've done together. Angela taught environmental education in Hawaii, led a water safety program in Alaska, and worked at camps in Colorado and Maine. Currently she's back in Tennessee, working with parks and recreation. She enjoys painting children's murals and spending time with her daughter, Meridian Lily.


Preview "Gail the Snail"

Gail the Snail started an expeditious, ambitious campaign to make the world cleaner and greener. She and her friends, both animal and children Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rethink. She uses her fantastic, enthusiastic attitude to create a happy, snappy plan.

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You can make Gail the Snail stick puppets by printing a copy of this sheet on card stock and/or laminating it. Cut them out. There is no need to cut exactly on the lines. Tape them to a coffee stirrer or Popsicle stick.

Books by Shirley Holladay:

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Gail The Snail

Mrs. Jane's Paper Dolls: For Little Girls (and Boys) from Two to One Hundred Two

The Bad Hair Day

Little H 2 O: A Story About the Rain Cycle

Oh Gary, Dr. Berry isn't Scary: Visiting the doctor can be a comfortable, pleasant experience.

There's Nothing Anyone Can Do Today To Make Me Happy

Everything That Happens Today Makes Me Happy

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You can also select a book written by Shirley's grandson, Riley Holladay. When he was in kindergarten he wrote a book about a shark that turns into a person to help sea animals. The second book he wrote about dinosaurs in the first grade.

The World's Greatest Marine Biologist by Riley Holladay
What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by Riley Holladay

This book was written by a young author that Shirley taught in first grade. The book was written when Kailey Duffy was in second grade. It tells how she was adopted from China when she was a baby.

How We Became a Family by Kailey Duffy

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